The Provincial Capital of the Chilean side of the island is “Porvenir”, which is located in the municipality with the same name, which is the central part of the island, sharing the territory with the municipalitiesof “Primavera” by the north and “Timaukel” in the southern side; these three municipalities constitute the “Tierra del Fuego” Province of the “Magllanes y AntarticaChilena” Region. Having together a total population of 6838 inhabitants, according to the Census of 2002, “Porvenir” Municipality has a population of 5465 inhabitants. 79.1% of the provincial populationlive in this city, from which 86.6% of the population is urban, but much of it is considered as floating population and 13.4% rural; the island has a population density of 2.2 km² per capita.

It has an area of 9707 km2., which represents approximately 39.87% of the provincial surface. It has two localities: the town of “Porvenir”, the most important urban center, and “San Sebastian”, which acts as border.


The spring and summer weather are usually mild, between 15 ° C and 23 ° C; Nonetheless, between December and February , it is usually accompanied by wind, coming from the Antarctic circumpolar drafts that flows in the Patagonian steppes and pampas. In autumn and winter, the wind from the South Poleappears and brings rain, snow and temperatures below zero; in the Magellanic tundra, there is a lot of rain and strong winds; average temperatures are usually between 5 ° C and 7 ° C.


Arose during the gold rush around 1883, “Porvenir”was founded in 1894 to serveto the ranching companies settled in the area; it received the name of the discoverer of the “Porvenir” bay, an explorer known as George Porter. Nowadays, “Porvenir” has5,400 inhabitants and; although it is a small community, it has all the basic services to meet the needs of its inhabitants and visitors.

In “Porvenir”, you can visit Fernando CorderoRusque Museum, which maintains a section of archeology, in which it is displayed the mummified remains of a native of the area. Moreover, you can see a sample the fauna of “Tierra del Fuego” and a photographic exhibition of Onas or Selknam, natives of the area.

You can also stroll along the waterfront, between” Senoret” and “Santa Maria” streets. Along this street, the Square of Flags and the Memorial Park are located, with a sample of old machines; and the Croatian Park. Here you can see the monument to the Selknam, made with natural wood.

In the square of Porvenir, you can visit the “San Francisco de Sales” Church, late 1800s building.